To give you the best possible range of fitness options we have also teamed up with partners in the neighborhood so that you can take advantage of spinning and dance classes.

Yoga Center

At Life in Motion on 2744 Broadway, you can enjoy either cycling or serenity, with a unique blend of spinning classes and Vinyasa or Hatha yoga sessions. Wide open windows let in the light and induce a sense of calm, while our experienced teachers bring balance and flexibility into your life.

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Barre & Cycling

Barre is a full body workout that combines strength training and cardio exercises, as well as some of the best techniques from ballet, yoga and pilates. The workout is centered around small and repetitive movements at the ballet bar where every moves are choreographed to energizing music.

Spinning is a high intensity cycling exercise that simulates real terrain. From the comfort of a city centre studio, you can tackle the mountains, hills and dips of the country, under the guidance of a spinning specialist who will make sure that you keep the momentum going. WIth more than 20 sessions a week, we have classes for all levels. We guarantee that our spinning classes will keep you fit and give you the glutes of a Greek God.

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Park Slope Yoga

Of course, yoga can really be done in most places, but to really succeed and take yourself to the next levels of flexibility, serenity and fitness, it is nice to have your own comfortable place to go, with experienced and understanding teachers and a range of styles to choose from. Park Slope Yoga has all of these.

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For more information visit or call 212.316.3338