Energy Yoga Prana Vajra Healing Circle

Bruce Bell

April 27
4:00pm – 6:30pm
Life in Motion
Pre-register $25
At the door $30

Energy is Light. Light is Love. Love is Presence. Presence heals. Healing brings together our separated parts and brings them whole again.

“On the eve of my 28th birthday, I was given a gift. It was an impromptu one-on-one energy healing session with Bruce Bell. Even as a professional writer, the magic of the experience is difficult to describe. This is my attempt. Through Bruce’s compassion I felt a silent command to be present. In the quiet room we spoke and I felt zoned in on the body before me. I was enveloped by a wavelength of consciousness that perhaps I have visited before, in dreams, in drugs. But here I was, awake and sober, connecting to a greater wisdom. Blanket upon blanket were laid out for me. I was the princess. He chanted as he moved through my chakras. From my feet to my legs to my pelvis to my chest to my shoulders and out through the crown of my head. My eyes were closed; tears would still fall out. The breath moved through me and I felt air through a small hole in the center of my chest. I was the flute. I could breathe easier, softer. I opened my eyes and felt clean, pure.”

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