Yoga For Healing And Renewal Energy Yoga Therapy

Elizabeth Andes-Bell

March 23
4:00pm – 6:00pm
Life in Motion
Pre-register $35
At the door $40

Injury and illness is a part of life. Every injury or illness is a messenger, offering us a chance to evolve. Learn how to ‘get the lesson’ so you can heal and move on.

This workshop is designed for students of all levels. Teachers also welcome.

Participants in this workshop will learn how to develop an intelligent approach to prevention, rehabilitation and self-care that includes benefits such as:

  1. Improved health.
  2. Greater awareness of internal forces effecting movement and well-being.
  3. A deeper understanding of the transformative messages that illness and injury hold for us.

Through a combination of asana, group discussion, hands-on experience, lots of adjustments and individual attention participants will learn:

  1. What your body, breath and energy are doing to create injury
  2. How to work intelligently to unpack the deeper teaching that ignites healing.
  3. The Energy Yoga ABCD Process: a simple 4 step process to align, calm and empower yourself in class and life.
  4. How to use props to avoid bad working habits.
  5. The Morning Trio (3 poses, 10 minutes to charge and clear your energy field and take the kinks out of your body).

For More Information About Elizabeth go to:

Listen to Deam Ramsden from ProfessionalEnergyHealers.Com interview with Elizabeth Andes-Bell On Energy Yoga Therapy

Coming In April
Life In Motion and The Ayurvedic Center of New York partner to bring you
The Ayurvedic Gentle Spring Detox

Shed the Winter Blues & Spring Into Your True Being

Could your body, mind and Spirit use a bit of cleansing, shedding of unwanted toxins, and rejuvenation from Winter Blues?

As we naturally shed the coats, sweaters, hats, and gloves from our wardrobe, Spring is the perfect time for shedding the layers on the inside as well, detoxing and cleansing the mind-body.

Our body wants to release the stored fat and toxins that we have accumulated over the winter.

According to Ayurveda, ‘diseases’ are generated at the junctions of the seasons, the moments when one season changes into another.

Giving your digestive fire a little rest and letting go of toxins hanging out in your body, mind, and soul can do wonders! Once you empty out, you can fill your life with all the goodies… and transform your life!

With this gentle, enjoyable At-Home Spring Cleanse, you’ll feel:

  • Increased vitality, clarity, and energy throughout the entire day
  • A glow! Radiant skin and complexion
  • Greater ability to reverse the disease process.
  • Weight Loss or Balanced weight
  • Lesser effect of allergies….. what allergies?
  • Good quality of sleep
  • Focused concentration!
  • Emotional Balance
  • Confident, Motivated, and Uplifted to make the right decisions for your life.
  • Fall in love with yourself and your life so you can inspire others!

Your Spring At-Home Detox & Rejuvenation Program includes 3 workshops at Life in Motion and a detox program with the New York Ayurvedic Center. The Life in Motion Workshops can also be taken separately.